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K11 Lavalier Microphone for Android Type C Automatic Noise Reduction 65ft Clear Radio Clip On Microphone for Laptop Ultra-Long Battery Life Video Recording Vlog Live YouTube.


  • K11 wireless mic Plug and play, no APP/Bluetooth required. Just plug the receiver into your phone or PC, turn on the transmitter microphone power, you can pair up and connect. Wireless transmission, free to walk.
  • K11 phone microphone automatic noise reduction, omnidirectional microphone, 360 ° omnidirectional radio, automatic elimination of environmental noise, in the noisy recording environment can also be clear radio.
  • 2.4GHz transmission technology, low latency, strong anti-interference, K11 lapel microphone stable transmission 65ft clear audio content.
  • K11 bluetooth mic transmitter single working time of about 4-5 hours, the receiver is using the phone power, work when the phone battery is low, you can charge the phone through the receiver port.
  • K11 mini microphone wireless has a mute function, choose to turn on/off as needed. Also has a low battery reminder function: blue light slowly flashing to remind you that the transmitter microphone power is low, please charge in time.

K11 Wireless Microphone

SKU: 1600871680862

Spring Sale

  • This item ships from China. Expected delivery within 3 weeks.

    • Frequency range: 2.4GHz;
    • Frequency response range: 20-30KHz;
    • Transmission delay: 9Ms;
    • Signal-to-noise ratio: 64db;
    • Input voltage: DC4.8~5.4v;
    • Charging current: about 65mA;
    • Battery capacity: 80mAH;
    • Working time: about 20H;
    • Charging time: about 80min;
    • Microphone: digital microphone;

    K11 wireless microphone product features: support charging while live broadcasting. Live streaming, short videos, interviews, and enhanced sound effects. 20 meters barrier-free reception

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